Di Princi, 24 Heritage Avenue, Beaufort Park, Colindale, London NW9 5EW 020 8205 8125
“Di Princi is Passion. Passion for good, traditional, Italian food.”
Our Manager



Ultimate dining experience like no other
When eating at Di Princi, Andrea and his team are welcoming you into their Italian family. Brought together from various Italian regions due to a shared passion for good italian food, the team desire to truly showcase their talent and skill in their dishes. Motivated to share their expertise and knowledge with their customers, our menu is carefully curated to reflect the various Italian regions; especially that of Napoli – the land of the Margarita Pizza and Pasta Napolitana! Adamant not to be too fine or fancy, this is true home-made, hand crafted Italian “just as mamma cooked it!”





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A combination of fresh ingredients and rustic brick walls lends itself to a postcard picture-perfect Italian restaurant. Exuding warmth and buzz, we are extremely popular with the local residents and businesses, constantly providing delicious meals and a fine selection of Italian wines. In day or night, Di Princi offers a traditional and authentic taste of Italy, with laughter, tables and fun spilling out al fresco-style onto the streets.